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Professional Development

The Phillips provides in-depth professional development opportunities on arts integration using the museum’s collection and online resources. Professional development opportunities feature artworks from the Phillips’s special exhibitions and permanent collection and focus on Prism.K12, the museum’s arts integration strategies. Sessions are designed for teachers to easily integrate the ideas and activities into their classrooms. Professional development sessions may take place at the museum, at your location, or virtually.

For more information about personalized opportunities, contact:

Hilary Katz, Head of Teaching & Learning
202.387.2151 x216

Please check back here for when we announce our next teacher professional development opportunity. 
Email Hilary Katz, Head of Teaching & Learning, at, to sign up for our teacher email list and be the first to know when we announce an upcoming teacher program. 

Read about some of our past program offerings for teachers: 

EmpowerED: Art & Wellness
4-week Virtual Course
Through artful thinking, artmaking, and easily-utilized SEL tools, this workshop provided techniques to nurture a classroom environment where growth and well-being connect. Using empathy and mindfulness techniques, the teachers explored artworks from African Modernism in America, 1947-67 to consider how we can support ourselves as educators so that we can better support our students. 

Focal Point: Shifting Perspectives through Photography
Virtual Summer Teacher Institute
In connection to Frank Stewart’s Nexus, participants constructed a visual autobiography through photographs. Educators considered how their personal identity, culture, and life experiences impact how they see the world, making connections to social-emotional learning (SEL) in their teaching environments.

How Materials Shape Us: Integrating Art + Science
4-week Virtual Teacher Workshop
This workshop explored how artists in Pour, Tear, Carve: Material Possibilities in the Collection  use materials as an expression of their culture and identity. Educators focused on curricular connections through cycles and understanding the origin of materials.

Let's Make Friends
Virtual Teacher Workshop
How does looking at works of art help us see differently? How can we experience works of art through the perspective of other people? How can art help us to connect more deeply with ourselves and with others? We explored the art and artists in the special exhibition An Italian Impressionist in Paris: Giuseppe De Nittis.

The Meaning We Make
Hybrid Summer Teacher Institute
Inspired by Lou Stovall: The Museum Workshop, educators explored how our students and each one of us—as educators—bring our own perspectives to everything we do.

The Legacy of Alma Thomas: Cultivating Mindfulness, Perspective-taking, and Problem-solving
Virtual Teacher Workshop
DC-Project Zero and three museums—National Gallery of Art, National Museum of Women in the Arts, and The Phillips Collection—celebrated Alma Thomas’s legacy by exploring the ways in which her life and art can help us cultivate mindfulness, perspective-taking, and problem-solving in ourselves and in our learners.

“Seeing Differently”: You, Your Students, and Arts Integration
Virtual Summer Teacher Institute
This week of arts integration used an expanded version of our Prism.K12 arts integration strategies to develop skills for seamlessly integrating the arts into the curriculum, while adapting teaching and learning for your specific students. 
Learn more about the program from a participating student educator

Using Arts Integration to Foster a Culturally Responsive Classroom
Virtual Teacher Workshop Series
The sessions focused on Art & MathArt & Counterstorytelling, and Art & Empathy.

Recharge Your Battery: Art & Wellness for Educators
Virtual Teacher Meet-up, monthly afternoons in the summer
Educators joined The Phillips Collection to take a break and connect with fellow educators for an art & wellness afternoon, from the comfort of their homes! The educator afternoon offered an opportunity to engage in an arts integration activity, participate in a mindfulness exercise, and create a custom cocktail/mocktail. 

In collaboration with the University of Maryland, The Phillips Collection offers three-credit (45-hour) or 1-credit (15-hour) courses for PK-12 educators to integrate the visual arts seamlessly into the core curriculum using the Phillips’s Prism.K12 arts integration strategies and resources. This course offers professional development for educators looking to expand their understanding of and ability to implement arts integration in the classroom. Participants learn how to utilize Prism.K12 strategies for lesson planning while exploring the museum’s artworks, artists, and resources. Participating teachers implement arts-integrated lessons in their classrooms throughout the course. 

Check back on this page for when a similar opportunity will be offered next. 

Questions? Email Hilary Katz, Head of Teaching & Learning, at

The Phillips Collection-University of Maryland Prism.K12 Arts Integration Course

In collaboration with UMD, the Phillips offers a continuing education course for PK-12 educators to expand their understanding of and skills in arts integration by planning, practicing, and implementing arts-integrated lessons in their classroom.