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Collection Highlights

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Colorful designs with black background, artwork
image for 2019-09-15-family-program
image for 2017-09-07-phillips-after-5
image for 2017-12-07-phillips-after-5
placeholder - Laib Wax Room
Collection Highlights Recent Acquisitions
Collection Highlights The Migration Series
Collection Highlights The Rothko Room
Collection Highlights Luncheon of the Boating Party
Collection Highlights The Wax Room
01 -
House gallery, second floor, with works by John Marin, c. 1955

A Vital Collection

Learn about how Duncan and Marjorie Phillips built their collection and how the collection continues to grow today.

Phillips Firsts

Congenial Spirits

Our United States

Photograph of a gallery with a lot of people mingling and a very large reproduction of Degas's Dancers at the Barre painting

Collection on Tour

See where our permanent collection has traveled around the world.

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