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January: Dominick Rabrun

Gif of Phillips Centennial logo with collages images flashing different colors
Photograph of Dom Rabrun

Sampling and remixing is a critical tool for me—not only in how I approach my work, but how I see the world. I sampled four of The Phillips Collection’s paintings and arranged them in chronological order—18th century to the 21st century. The animated component of the logo is a nod to my love of neon signs, electronics, and digital media.”

Dominick Rabrun (@domrabrun) is an artist, speaker, writer, producer, director, and general maker of things. He is the host of Dom’s Sketch Cast, an experimental art show. Dom has created unique art and content for Genius, Reddit, Annapurna Pictures, VICE, PBS, Mtn Dew, Noisey, and more.

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February: Rose Jaffe

Gif of purple and red hands holding and turning into illustration of birds in a next
Photograph of a smiling woman standing in a print studio surrounded by colorful prints

This redesign of the Phillips Logo is about connection; to each other, and to nature. In a moment of time where many feel a loss of physical connection, it comes alongside a moment where love and support are needed the most. This dichotomy leaves many to search for that connection in new places—virtually, one on one, and/or outside in nature. The hand holding fades to a composition of a bird in its habitat, an ode to the conservation work Lilli Steele does at the Phillips, often looking beneath the surface of a painting to reveal entirely different imagery.” 

Rose Jaffe (@roseinks) is a visual artist, with mediums spanning mural painting, ceramics, printmaking, and digital illustration. Born and raised in the nation’s capital, Rose loves calling Washington, DC, home.

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March: Aniekan Udofia

Colorful illustration of a woman with flowers and butterflies in her hair and large gold earrings and with the Phillips Centennial logo as glasses
Photo of artist Aniekan Udofia sitting in front of colorful paintings holding a paint brush

This piece was inspired by nature and the new life that sprouts during the spring, which happens to be my favorite season of the year.

Aniekan Udofia (@aniekanreloadedhas achieved local notoriety for his towering murals of Duke Ellington, Fredrick Douglass, and George Washington, as well as his solo and group live paintings at Washington events sponsored by the likes of Red Bull, Heineken, Honda, and Adidas. He garnered national attention with his caricatures and photorealistic illustrations for XXL, Vibe, Rime, Frank 151, and The Source. 

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April: Kelly Towles

Gif of various logos for the Phillips designed by Kelly Towles
Photo of Kelly Towles sitting on the ground with colorful murals behind him

Kelly Towles (@kellytowles), a leading Washington, DC, artist, has literally painted the town since moving to the Nation’s Capital in the late 1990s. His murals, showcased on area buildings and garage doors, and paintings, displayed in local galleries and businesses, are electrically playful. From partnerships with DC Brau Brewing Company, U St Music Hall, and DC United, to working with the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities and the Greater Washington Creative Community Initiative to revitalize neighborhoods using his creative energy, he is focused on sharing his passion for street art while making an impact on the local community. Towles’s characters range from the traditional to the fantastical, retaining hints of people, places, and things that positively influence his life.

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