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    Thomas Eakins - Bio
    ...THOMAS EAKINS (1844–1916) An uncompromising realist whose works and teachings inspired generations of artists, Thomas Eakins was born July 25, 1844, in Philadelphia. Eakins attended Central High School, which was known for its...

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    Thomas Eakins - Miss Amelia Van Buren
    ...THOMAS EAKINS (1844–1916) Miss Amelia Van Buren, circa 1891 After his forced resignation from the Pennsylvania Academy in 1886, Eakins concentrated almost solely on portraiture. Among his finest and most compelling portraits is this...

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    Thomas Eakins - Learning
    ...THOMAS EAKINS (1844–1916) Miss Amelia Van Buren, circa 1891 VISUAL ARTS Create a painting, photograph or sculpture of a classmate adopting the same pose as Van Buren. How does your subject look in this pose and what does it reveal...

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    Thomas Eakins - Collecting
    ...THOMAS EAKINS (1844–1916) Eakins in the Collection Duncan Phillips's interest in Eakins had crystallized by 1926, when he expressed the need for a "powerful and patient transcript of truth by Eakins." The speed with which Phillips...

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    Robert Henri - Dutch Girl
    ...immediacy of expression with subjects from everyday life. He had arrived at realism through the influence of Thomas Eakins and Thomas Anshutz, his teacher, and his early works reflect the direct working method of these masters. In 1902, when...

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    American Art at The Phillips Collection
    ...Benton, Thomas Hart Moonlight on the Osage, 1938 Berkowitz, Leon Source III, 1976 Bischoff, Elmer Figures: Back and Profile, 1960 Bishop, Isabel Lunch Counter, ca. 1940 Blakelock, Ralph Albert Figure in a Landscape, undated...

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    Made in the USA
    ...Enlarge Thomas Eakins Miss Amelia Van Buren (c. 1891) The Phillips Collection, Acquired 1927 Enlarge William Glackens Bathers at Bellport (c. 1912) The Phillips Collection, Acquired 1929 Enlarge Stefan Hirsch New York, Lower Manhattan...

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    Robert Henri - Bio
    ...In 1886 Henri enrolled in the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, Philadelphia, where he studied under Thomas P. Anshutz, Thomas Eakins’s former pupil and successor. He studied at the Académie Julian and the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris from...

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    Collection on Tour
    ...65 works created between the 1860s and 1960s by artists such as Milton Avery, Alexander Calder, Richard Diebenkorn, Thomas Eakins, Helen Frankenthaler, Winslow Homer, Edward Hopper, and Georgia O'Keeffe. Exhibition Schedule August...

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    George Bellows - Emma at a Window
    ...His mature portraits, such as Emma at a Window, reflect Bellows's admiration for the Old Masters and for Thomas Eakins, as well as his respect for contemporary color theories. By this time he had abandoned the Henri-influenced impasto-laden...