Celebration of Life Community Memorial: I Remember…

October 11 - November 8, 2019

[email protected], 1801 Mississippi Ave SE, Washington, DC

An open invite to DC residents, especially those who live near [email protected], to come and celebrate the lives and legacies of loved ones lost to acts of violence. We humbly invite you and any guests to come and leave a token of remembrance to publicly honor the living memory of your loved one. The token can take any form of your choice and based on available space.

The memorial is open Monday-Friday, 9 am-9 pm in [email protected]'s Living Room Gallery. Our aim is to make the memorial as community-collaborated as possible, so please feel free to send any suggestions, ideas or feedback about the memorial space to Monica Jones at [email protected].

[email protected] is proud to partner with Woolly Mammoth Theater Company to present a series of programming in conjunction with their upcoming show WHAT TO SEND UP WHEN IT GOES DOWN. Performances of the show take place October 24-27 at THEARC. To learn more about Woolly Mammoth Theater Company and their upcoming shows, visit https://www.woollymammoth.net/