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Make Sense of This

My Life, My Art, My Collage

Community Exhibition

Sant Building, Lower Level 2 Galleries

Free / In-Person

Included with general admission; free for members

Collage made with colorful patterned paper

Turner Elementary School, Kindergarten, Medical & Educational Support

SCHOOL: Turner Elementary School

MATERIALS: Paper, photographs, foam, fabric.

ARTWORK INSPIRATION: Jamea Richmond-Edwards, Archetype of a 5 Star, 2018

Kindergarten and Medical & Educational Support students explored their identities through the creation of vibrant collages. Inspired by artists featured in Multiplicity, including James Richmond-Edwards, Deborah Roberts, and Helina Metaferia, the students incorporated photographs they took of each other to offer intimate glimpses into their lives and personalities. These collages serve as visual narratives, inviting viewers to see each student’s identity and personality.

A person with a colorful dress on, made of different fabrics.

Jamea Richmond-Edwards, Archetype of a 5 Star, 2018

Participating Students


























Rocketship Legacy Prep, Grade 4

SCHOOL: Rocketship Legacy Prep

MATERIALS: Canvas, burlap, jeans, hair twists, beads, paper, acrylic, gel paint, cotton, embroidery thread.

ARTWORK INSPIRATION: Tscahabala Self, Sprewell, 2020

Inspired by Tschabalala Self’s Sprewell, fourth grade students captured moments from their lives in collage. Like Self, students chose to highlight everyday scenes, celebrating the diverse experiences that shape their lives.

Two people kissing in a room with the scene of a bridge out the window.

Tscahabala Self, Sprewell, 2020

Participating Students

Makenzie A.

Tyler A.

U’Nique B.

Kahrema B.

Loyal B.

Jamar C.

Dujuan D.

Brittani E.

Donovan F.

Ayden F.

Aria G.

Geonni G.

Avery H.T.

Alonna H.

Lyric H.

Messiah H.

Dakari K.

Amiyah K.

Kyrah L.

Amani L.

Isaac M.

K’Aari S.

Le’Nia S.

Dekahri S.

Taylor S.

Wainia S.

Devonte W.

Josiah W.

Ari W.

Aarian Z.

Paige A.

Syncere B.

Roniah B.

Davon B.

Lani B.

Za’Nyya C.M.

Autumn E.

Yasmin E.

Mikaiah G.

Chase G.

Leila H.

Jamiya H.

Adrian K.

Summer N.

Dyllan P.C.

Kyden R.

Knova R.

Jordyn R.

William R.

Kevin S.

Jordan S.

Lyric S.

Kavon S. F.

Korey R.

Khayn T.

Donte’ W.

Samuel W.

Bradley W.

Asan Y.

Washington School for Girls, DC, Grades 6, 7, 8

SCHOOL: Washington School for Girls

MATERIALS: Mixed media with hand cut and torn elements.

ARTIST INSPIRATION: Jacob Lawrence, The Migration Series, Panel No. 23: The Migration Spread, 1940-41

Middle school students headed to The White House this spring with The Phillips Collection education staff to learn about Jacob Lawrence’s Migration Series. The young artists connected Lawrence’s subject matter to today and each created a panel about their communities, which are displayed here. Beneath each artwork is a seven word story crafted by the artist.

A painting of a large crowd of people at a train station heading to Chicago, New York, and St. Louis

Jacob Lawrence, The Migration Series, Panel No. 23: The Migration Spread, 1940-41

Participating Students

Demi A.

Jaila Ha.

Kennedi G.

London Jo.

Janelys J.

Mya S.

Constance Ho.

Charli P.

Treyah N.

Khloe N.

Aziza W.

Makayla Br.

Trinity H.

Destiny S.

Gabriella P.

Breyah J.

Skylar H.

Nahla F.

Breonna L.

Zoey L.

Hanna M.

Elaina M.