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Looking In, Looking Out

Creating Places Real and Imagined

Community Exhibition

Sant Building, Lower Level 2 Galleries

Free / In-Person

Included with general admission; free for members

Print looking through a window with curtains in blue ink

Noyes Elementary School Grade 4 

SCHOOL: Noyes Elementary School

TEACHERS: Frances Evangelista and Jerika Williams-Smith

CLASS: Grade 4 Visual Arts

ARTWORK INSPIRATION: Pierre Bonnard, Open Window, 1921

These three-dimensional windows were inspired by Pierre Bonnard and his use of windows to peer into different scenes. Students began this process with close looking at Bonnard’s art, where they noted his vibrant use of color. They sought to emulate Bonnard’s brush strokes onto the windows by using watercolor and acrylic paints. Students brought their personal identities into each piece by creating a view of DC out of their window. In these works, they show how you can take inspiration from past artists and turn it into your own masterpiece.

painting of an open window with soft colors that fade into each other with woman resting

Pierre Bonnard, Open Window, 1921, Oil on canvas, 46 ½ x 37 ¾ in., The Phillips Collection, Acquired 1930

Participating Students

Semaj M.

Heaven T.

LeRay J.

Leah T.

August G.

Riley G.

Knowell D.

Brian R.

Lexavy O.

Jennifer G.F.

Ma’Kiyha M.

Nadir T.

Kourtney B.

Darnell L.

Mi’Angel D.

Silvestre C.E.

Devin P.

Zavion S.

Nylan J-K.

Josmary R.

Raeghan L.

Nora Z.

Jaxson C.

Noyes Students

Powell Bilingual Elementary School Grade 5

SCHOOL: Powell Bilingual Elementary School

TEACHERS: Heather Samuels

CLASS: Grade 5 Visual Arts

ARTWORK INSPIRATION: Pierre Bonnard, Southern Landscape with Two Children, 1916-18

Step into the vibrant world of Powell’s 5th grade class, inspired by the breathtaking hues and luminous landscapes seen in Bonnard’s World. Powell’s young artists meticulously sculpted these papier mâché mobiles in response to the French countryside’s lights and colors as witnessed by Bonnard in the early 20th century, as well the shapes present in his works. Join us in exploring this swirling landscape of colorful mobiles that the young artists have brought to life.

Pierre Bonnard colorful landscape of French Riviera

Pierre Bonnard, Southern Landscape with Two Children, 1916-18, Oil on canvas, 54 3/4 x 77 7/8 in., Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto, Gift of Sam and Ayala Zacks, 1970

Participating Students

Allison L.S.

Aylin S.C.

Brendan M.

Brihenme G-R.

Daniel A.A.

Edwin H.

Hector J.A.

Iker D.

Jeffrey B-L.

Jessy G-A.

June L.

Kayla R.

Kimberly H.

Maryelin N.S.

Merlyn R-C.

Merlyn R-C.

Paola V.V.

Noble M.

Maysonking O.

Amari W.

Aeklesia A.

Amanda L.P.

Antonio T.L.

Bela V.

Caleb J.

Daniel L.R.

Evin A.C.

Ian V.N.

Jayden B.N.

Jeffrey G.A.

Jose C.L.

Kelvin A.P.

Melany L.A.

Nathaly G.

Rommel M.L.

Kimberly B.

Allison Z.H.

Danessa R.

Edgar R.

Francisco P-S.

Jacob M.

Jaden M.

Jayleen H.

Kevin V-E.

Luis A.J.

Melina A.

Melvin C.Z.

Milen T.

Miuler A.G.

Shaleak W.

Sofia A.V.

Zechariah M.

Joshua P.E.

Surama R.D.

Willie P.

Wilber G.

Yoel M.

Takoma Elementary School Grade 5

SCHOOL: Takoma Elementary School

TEACHERS: Gillian Carey, Sheena Styles, Zenneya Hester

CLASS: Grade 5 Visual Arts

ARTWORK INSPIRATION: Pierre Bonnard, The Palm, 1926

Students at Takoma Elementary created prints inspired by Pierre Bonnard’s outdoor scenes. After visiting the museum to see how Bonnard and other artists represent nature in art, they considered which elements of nature were significant to them. Back in Takoma’s art room, the student artists etched their object or symbol onto a foam sheet. Then they selected a color from Bonnard’s palette and used brayers to transfer the ink to their foam. The final step was to imprint their design on cardstock using a printing press. Can you connect any of their works to your own experiences in nature?

A painting of a person in a garden.

Pierre Bonnard, The Palm, 1926 Oil on canvas, 45 x 57 7/8 in., The Phillips Collection, Acquired 1928