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Chalk Walk



Free / In-Person

This event takes place at Phillips@THEARC: 1801 Mississippi Ave, SE. No reservations required.

photo of a chalk mural

Meet the Organizers

Chalk Riot is an all-women, street-artist crew based in Washington, D.C. specializing in various forms of pavement art, ranging from ephemeral chalk murals to painted placemaking artworks. Established in 2013, they have since created over 400 artworks in four countries and twelve states. When not creating commissions for special events, campaigns, decor or city planning initiatives, they advocate for the use of sidewalk chalk as a tool for positive social change, often partnering with nonprofits and arts education programs. 


Positive Chalk DC (PCDC), founded in 2020, contributes to DC's communities by creating brave spaces for families, and particularly children, to imagine their communities in new ways, inspire positive change, and develop the language necessary to advocate for themselves and their communities. 


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