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Crossovers aka A Cacophony of Comics Catharsis with artist Eric Gordon

Hands On with Otis Street Arts Project Workshop

Hands On with Otis Street Arts Project Workshop

Online via Zoom

Free. Reservation required to access Zoom information.

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Event Details

Use your intuitive problem solving, active listening, fast reflexes, and graphic paneling to create quick narrative portraits. Perfect for life drawing artists, illustrators, artists that like to work fast and furious, and those who love to puzzle solve. You will make small format masterpieces that merge elements of pop culture, Renaissance techniques, gesture drawing, portraiture, and the language of graphic comics. Stretch your artistic versatility to brand new heights! Be prepared to make a lot of “mistakes” which you then transform into happy accidents. These projects are a powerful way to unlock doors in your mind, allowing new pathways towards creative and personal closure.

Materials needed:

-A 9 x 12 pad of Bristol vellum.  Each sheet cut In half to 4.5 x 6 works well for me.  Most important is to have a size that transports easily and can be worked without a table. 

-Black ink pens.  Something that is waterproof, has good flow, and that you have a lot of confidence using.  Anything that jams up or jams you up while you’re drawing rapidly is no good.  Do not spend more than $5 on a pen for this.  Sharpie pens usually serve me well. 

-Color medium such as watercolor pencils, color markers (again, Sharpies are great), additional color pens, etc.

-Source material images of people for workshop projects.  Recommend having printouts, magazines clippings, or YouTube of whatever this may be.

If you have any questions about supplies, please contact

Otis Street Arts Project is an independently run art center. It encompasses open door studios, maker space, and a gallery that hosts rotating regional exhibitions. There is a flexible event space for lectures, performance art, small theater, and community gatherings. It is home to professional artists of diverse disciplines dedicated to supportive collaboration and discourse.