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Triple Crown: Material Class

Hands on with Red Dirt Workshop

Hands On with Red Dirt Workshop

Online via Zoom

Free. Reservation required to access Zoom information.

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Event Details

Did you know that women once wore hats so big they lost their balance? Get ready for the Kentucky Derby with a tour of the functional and social history of its crowning garment: the hat. In this irreverent workshop, Michelle Kohler shares her Trash Hat project, and assists participants in turning ready-to-be-recycled objects into-ready-to wear self-portraits. Participants will re-imagine everyday materials like paper towels and packaging materials as the raw material for their own Trash Hat. Each participant will need a mirror, a few elements to play with and a few materials that can be used to hold it all together. Participants are encouraged to use their imagination when collecting. Derby appropriate attire is recommended.

Materials Needed:

A mirror + a few raw materials + a few technical tools.

Raw materials: Bubble Wrap, Cotton Balls, Cardboard, Citrus rinds, Chicken wire, Coffee Filters, Electrical Cords, Deflated mylar balloons, Fruit nets, Paper towels, Pantyhose
Plastic: bags, bottles, cups, straws, Pulp produce baskets, Sandwich bags, Spoons, Tin Foil 
Technical Tools: Clothes pins, Glue, Safety pins, Straight pins, String,
Tape: painters tape, duct tape, packing tape


Red Dirt is a warehouse studio and incubator for a small group of independently practicing artists and creative professionals, from fresh out of school to nationally known.  They share resources, offer critical feedback and push each other toward greater professionalism in work. It’s a space for projects, ideas and community exchange.