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Who, What, Weft, Warp: A Human's Guide to Woven Cloth



Online via Zoom

Free, reservation required to access Zoom information.

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Event Details

Led by artist Helen O'Connor, learn and manipulate the basic principles of weaving, an ancient craft intrinsic to the survival, communication, education, adornment, and essence of mankind. Spend an afternoon considering the impact and application of one of the simplest solutions of human history. With enough time and creativity you'll harness the only essential tool necessary to produce cloth: a weaver's hands.

Although the materials for this class will largely be found objects, the following recommended tools may be of use in your process: scissors, string (twine, yarn, t-shirt yarn, etc.), a piece of cardboard, a fork or comb, tweezers, and tape. We'll begin with a demonstration on DIY looms that will require scissors, cardboard, and yarn, but looking and listening can be as informative as doing!

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