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Measuring the Weight of Longing: The Everyday into Art



Online via Zoom

Free, reservation required to access Zoom information.

image for 2020-06-27-workshop

Event Details

Join the Phillips and Red Dirt Studio and appreciate the deeper significance of the things around us as we investigate the meaning of the objects we hold on to. In this workshop we’ll talk about the objects we keep around the house  and transform them into a shadowbox. To prepare, participants will need to gather several objects to share with the group. We’ll talk about why we chose these items and our reasons for wanting to change them.

Red Dirt Studio artist Gayle Friedman will present images from her work as well as examples from others who use shadow boxes and assemblage: Joseph Cornell, Louise Nevelson, Betye Saar, Janice Lowry. Friedman will demonstrate several ways to transform and show your objects using the shadow box. Participants will then begin to layout their items and share their work with the group.

Items to gather:
A wooden box or drawer to hold your pieces
Several meaningful, or interesting objects that you’re not sure whether to keep or toss, some examples are figurines, china, tchotchkes, photos, jewelry, fabric, etc.
Paint, paper, or other materials to cover the interior of your box if you wish,
Fast drying glue (gel superglue), glue gun, string, yarn, tape, wire, hammer, tacks, nails, drill, screws, etc.

Boxes online:
Dick Blick 12 x 12 x 2” $21
Michael’s 12 x 12 x 1.5” $10

Red Dirt is a warehouse studio and incubator for a small group of independently practicing artists and creative professionals, from fresh out of school to nationally known.  They share resources, offer critical feedback and push each other toward greater professionalism in work. It’s a space for projects, ideas and community exchange.