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Washington School for Girls Fall 2018

Community Exhibition

Community Exhibition

Included with museum admission; free for members

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About the Exhibition

In the fall of 2018, over 60 Washington School for Girls (WSG) third, fourth, fifth, and sixth grade students participated in the Art Links: Museum-in-Residence program. In the classroom and in the galleries at the Phillips, teachers and museum educators connected works of art in the museum’s permanent collection to themes/subject area such as social studies, and English and language arts. This is the second year of partnership with WSG.

Art Links to Learning is The Phillips Collection’s portfolio of educational programs for District of Columbia Public and Public Charter Schools (DCPS and DCPCS). To meet our community’s need for more productive teaching and learning, the Phillips has developed innovative methods that have been shown to enhance teaching and to increase student engagement and understanding. Art Links programs weave visual arts education with other core subject areas such as English/language arts, social studies, and science, while helping students develop 21st-century skills, including critical thinking and problem solving.

The creative, hands-on Art Links approach reflects the spirit of inquiry, experimentation, and intimacy advocated by museum founder Duncan Phillips. The program has been recognized for its success by local and national organizations, including the National Art Education Association and the American Alliance of Museums. Art Links takes a whole school approach and is designed to adapt to the needs of individual schools, educators, and learners.