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Bettina Pousttchi

Artist’s Perspective

Artist's Perspective

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Event Details

Berlin-based artist Bettina Pousttchi will discuss Double Monuments with Senior Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art Vesela Sretenović in the exhibition galleries. 
For her Intersections project, Pousttchi dramatically lights up the Phillips galleries with five spiraling towers that incorporate metal barriers and neon light tubes. The sculptures make a double reference—or a “double monument”—to the 1920s work of Russian constructivist sculptor-architect Vladimir Tatlin and the 1960s work of American minimalist artist Dan Flavin created in homage to Tatlin. Pousttchi’s monuments will be presented alongside a sculpture by Naum Gabo and 1930s-40s black-and-white photographs from the Phillips’s permanent collection that underline the theme of illuminated space.