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Dark Matter(s) 

Jefferson Pinder 


This event takes place in Dupont Circle; free

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Event Details

Dark Matter(s)
Saturday, September 12, 8 pm
Dupont Circle, in conjunction with The Phillips Collection

During the past couple of years in which identity politics have taken center stage, multimedia artist Jefferson Pinder examines 21st-century social conflicts through break dance. Working with the international b-boy crew Lionz of Zion, Pinder directs a performance that wrestles with the nature of violence and control. The performance unfolds contemporary uprisings and the forces that seek to control them. Dark Matter(s) is organized by the David C. Driskell Center for the Study of African America Art and the African Diaspora at the University of Maryland in collaboration with The Phillips Collection.

Dark Matter(s) will also be performed at the Driskell Center September 11 at 6 pm 

Saturday’s performance is supported in part by CrossCurrents Foundation.

About the Artist

Jefferson Pinder, a Chicago based multimedia artist, seeks to find black identity through the most dynamic circumstances. His experimental videos and films feature minimal performances that reference music videos and physical theater. Pinder’s work provides personal and social commentary in accessible and familiar format. Inspired by soundtracks, Pinder utilizes hypnotic popular music and surreal performances to underscore themes dealing with Afro-Futurism, physical endurance, and blackness.