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Intersections: Jean Meisel

50–65 Horizon Line


Included in museum admission; free for members

Jean Meisel, Untitled, 1970s-2013

Jean Meisel on 50-65 Horizon Line

Jean Marshall Meisel (b. 1931) was born in Pittsburgh—as it happens, her father worked for several years at Jones and Laughlin Steel, the company owned by museum founder Duncan Phillips’s grandfather. She grew up in a small town outside of Buffalo, New York. After graduating from the University of Michigan in 1953, she moved to New York City to work at Doubleday publishing company. Soon after, she met and married Albert Meisel, and they later settled in Washington, DC, where they had three sons and Jean began her painting career. Meisel has shown at Addison/Ripley Fine Art for many decades, and she had a retrospective in 2003 at what was formerly known as the Washington Arts Museum. More recently, she was included in the Washington Project for the Arts’ Select: 2012 Art Auction Gala. Her work can be found in numerous private and corporate collections.


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Intersections is a series of contemporary art projects that explores—as the title suggests—the intriguing intersections between old and new traditions, modern and contemporary art practices, and museum spaces and artistic interventions. Whether engaging with the permanent collection or diverse spaces in the museum, the projects suggest new relationships with their own surprises.

Many of the projects also riff on the nontraditional nature of the museum’s galleries, sometimes activating spaces that are not typical exhibition areas with art produced specifically for those locations. 

Intersections is supported by Phillips International Forum members.