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How are exhibitions formed?

Museum curators manage and oversee museum collections. They make decisions about what to display and how to display it. 

  • How would you curate an exhibition?
  • What story would your exhibition tell?
  • How would you juxtapose artworks?
Photograph of four colorful artworks in a museum gallery with dark blue walls

Installation View from Seeing Differently: The Phillips Collects for a New Century, 2021, Photo: Lee Stalsworth

Create your own exhibition!

As you curate your exhibition, consider:

  • How might you arrange the artworks? 
  • Is there a theme or idea you want to explore? 
  • What stories can you tell about the artworks by placing certain ones next to each other? 
    black and white line drawing of museum gallery

    Racquel Keller, Line Drawing of Phillips Collection Gallery, 2021