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Alicia Volk, In Pursuit of Universalism: Yorozu Tetsugoro and Japanese Modern Art

Terri Weissman, The Realisms of Berenice Abbott

André Dombrowski, Cézanne, Murder, and Modern Life

Lauren Kroiz, Creative Composites, Modernism, Race, and the Stieglitz Circle

Robert Slifkin, Out of Time: Philip Guston and the Refiguration of Postwar American Art

Charles F.B. Miller, Radical Picasso: Surrealism and the Theory of the Avant-Garde

Joyce Tsai, László Moholy-Nagy: Painting after Photography

Lynda Klich, The Noisemakers: Estridentismo, Vanguardism, and Social Action in Postrevolutionary Mexico (1921-1927)

Caitlin Beach, Sculpture at the Ends of Slavery