Art Museum Day 2014

at The Phillips Collection

May 18, 2014

Celebrate Art Museum Day 2014 at the Phillips! This year, the Association of Art Museum Directors has a series of initiatives planned to emphasize the long-standing and critical role that art museums play as educational institutions and the importance of arts education to member museums’ communities and the nation.

The Phillips Collection participates in Art Museum Day 2014 by offering educational programming and special promotions:

Special Exhibition Tour: Made in the USA
A guide will use inquiry-based techniques to engage the audience and encourage them to share personal responses to the artwork in Made in the USA.

In-Gallery Interactive: “What is Amelia Thinking?”
Audiences are asked to share their creative responses to Thomas Eakins’s painting, Miss Amelia Van Buren. Selected submissions will be highlighted on the Phillips’s blog.

In-Gallery Interactive: uCurate at the Phillips
uCurate allows users to create "virtual exhibitions," selecting from 52 artworks featured in Made in the USA and arranging them to their liking. Visitors can explore the program using touchscreen panels in the seated uCurate lounge, then upload their exhibition to the Phillips’s website and share it through social media using #MyAmericanArt.

Museum day exclusive: Tryst at the Phillips cocktail
Tryst café will feature the "American Royal," a sparkling cocktail made with prosecco, campari, and sweet vermouth, served over ice. 

Museum Day Exclusive: Made in the USA postcard packs discount
The Phillips’s Made in the USA postcard packs contain five postcards featuring different works from the exhibition and a set of markers for creating your own vibrant masterpieces. Available in the museum shop at a discounted price of $4.95.