William Barton


February 16, 2014

Music Room

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William Barton is one of Australia‘s most notable didgeridoo players and a leading figure in the education and preservation of the rich cultural heritage surrounding this ancient instrument. Barton has been influential in carrying the didgeridoo into the modern age, and has performed with orchestras, string quartets, and a wide array of musicians in a variety of different styles. Barton performs works written by himself and a selection of music by fellow Australian composers. 

Full program to be announced.

William Barton is widely recognized as one of Australia’s leading didgeridoo players and composers, and is a powerful advocate for the wider perception of his cultural traditions. Born in Mount Isa, William was taught to play the didgeridoo by his Uncle, an elder of the Waanyi, Lardil and Kalkadunga tribes of north western Queensland, and by age 12 was in Sydney playing for Aboriginal dance troupes. Touring internationally since he was 15, William played his first classical concert with the Queensland Symphony Orchestra when he was 17. Since then William has appeared at music festivals and concert halls around the world and in Australia, worked with many composers and has recorded a number of orchestral works.

William Barton performs on the didgeridoo.