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Educator Programs and Resources

The Phillips provides in-depth professional development opportunities on arts integration using the museum’s collection and online resources. Professional development opportunities feature artworks from the Phillips’s special exhibitions and  permanent collection, relate to the Common Core State Standards, and focus on Prism.K12, the museum’s arts integration methodology.

To book a training session for your school, contact:
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Phillips teaching kits offer a wealth of classroom-friendly information, lesson plans, teaching tips, and multimedia resources on works of art and special exhibitions. They are developed with input from Phillips educators and advisors from across the community and around the country to provide teachers with resources that integrate art across the curriculum and hone 21st-century skills, such as critical thinking, innovation, problem solving, through the use of primary sources and art history.

Teaching kits are equally popular with other curriculum specialists who find that arts education is a valuable window on subjects, such as history, math, English, English as a second language, and geography. The kits also offer an abundance of resources and information to families and art enthusiasts of all ages.

To order a teaching kit, contact:
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Jacob Lawrence teaching kitExplore Jacob Lawrence’s The Migration Series in a full-color, media-rich teaching kit which received the American Association of Museums (AAM) Award for Excellence in Published Resources for Education. The kit addresses Lawrence's life and artistic process and the visual narrative structure of The Migration Series. It also provides ways to approach important issues and themes such as segregation and discrimination, migration and immigration, and the universal search for a better life through Lawrence's visual portrayal of African American migration. Packed with dynamic multimedia educational resources, the kit reaches across the curriculum, meeting National Common Core Standards of Learning. Phillips National Mentor Teachers used the kit in the Teach with Jacob Lawrence. There is also an online version of the kit for teachers and students.


  • 173-page educator's guide
  • Three posters
  • CD-ROM with images of all works of art, primary sources, and two classroom-ready Powerpoint presentations that incorporate panels from The Migration Series, primary sources, and music
  • DVD with two videos about Lawrence's life and work
  • Musical selections by Bessie Smith, Duke Ellington, and Huddie "Leadbelly" Ledbetter
  • Step-by-step illustrated lesson plans and examples of student art
  • Classroom handouts and worksheets 


Luncheon of the Boating Party teaching kitPierre-Auguste Renoir's masterpiece Luncheon of the Boating Party, the best known and most popular work of art at The Phillips Collection, comes to life in a multimedia teaching kit packed with educational resources that meet National Common Core Standards of Learning.

Resources in the kit

  • 156-page educator's guide
  • Three posters
  • CD-ROM with images of all works of art, primary sources, and complete PDF of the kit
  • Step-by-step illustrated lessons plans and examples of student art
  • Classroom handouts and worksheets