Energizing Education: Teaching through the PRISM of Arts Integration

Community Exhibition

February 22 - May 31, 2020

From October 2019 through February 2020, teachers from across Maryland and DC participated in an arts integration course offered by the University of Maryland and The Phillips Collection. The "Connecting to the Core Curriculum" course provides PK-12 educators with the opportunity to blend the visual arts seamlessly into the core curriculum, using The Phillips’s Prism.K12 arts integration strategies and resources. 

Throughout the course, educators of different subjects and grade levels planned, practiced and implemented arts-integrated lessons in their classrooms. To dive deeper into a particular subject area, the educators engaged in several art techniques, including stop motion animation, blackout poetry, and contour line drawings. They learned techniques for integrating the arts into the curriculum while reaching students with multiple learning styles. 

As the culminating project for the course, the educators designed and facilitated arts-integrated lessons in their classrooms using the Prism.K12 strategies and artwork from The Phillips Collection. Many of them collaborated with other teachers at their schools to integrate multiple subject areas. Discover the results in Energizing Education: Teaching through the PRISM of Arts Integration.

On The Experiment Station

Hilary Katz, Manager of Teacher initiatives, shares insights on the arts integration course 

Teacher Kory Sutherland shares her experience in the course