Sandy Leibowitz

National Cathedral School
Washington, D.C.

Sandra "Sandy" Leibowitz has been teaching since she graduated from Wells College and received her master's degree from Yale University, where she became interested in introducing foreign language at the elementary level. She became qualified in Connecticut and taught French at the high school level, as well as within her third grade elementary curriculum. She was awarded a Fulbright Fellowship to teach high school English in Heidelberg, Germany.

When Sandy returned to the D.C. area, she became a supervisor of the Foreign Language in Elementary Schools (FLES) program in Montgomery County and later in DCPS. She taught summer courses in the FLES technique to French-American teachers at the University of Maryland and gave workshops in the Maryland area, as well as co-authoring a FLES column in Instructor magazine. When the Jewish Day School was established, Sandy introduced French into the high school curriculum, and also taught at the Hebrew Academy. She has taught French for over 30 years and is now at the National Cathedral School.