Penny Landreth

Center for Early Education
Los Angeles, California

Penny Landreth grew up in Connecticut. She received a BA in literature from The New School and an MA in art education from New York University before moving to Los Angeles. She has taught art at the Center for Early Education for more than two decades and has held a weekly adult art class for many years. She has conducted art workshops for the National Association of Independent Schools as well as the California Association of Independent Schools and made presentations on the value of art in education to a variety of organizations.

Penny feels that one of her principal roles as an art educator is to keep alive the artist within each of her students. She relies on artists exhibited in prints, books, museums, and galleries to persuade them that there is no single solution, whether it is commercial or "established," to any aesthetic challenge. She encourages her students to be independent problem solvers and risk takers and to exult in the creative process of making a visual expression of the world about them and the imaginative world within.