Keven Barrett

Center for Early Education
Los Angeles, California

Keven Barrett is an artist and educator with over 25 years experience teaching children. After graduating with a BA in fine arts from the University of California at Berkley, she soon returned to her home town, Los Angeles. There, she briefly pursued a career as a fine artist before joining the staff of the Center for Early Education (CEE). Keven earned an education credential and soon was teaching an art curriculum, full-time, to the lower elementary grades. Keven designs her art classes at the center to be child-centered, with experimentation, observation, and imagination as essential components of the program. She makes her art room a supportive environment that encourages the uniqueness of expression in each child's thinking. Her teaching often integrates the curricula of other classes. She uses field trips to museums and cultural sites, music, and meetings with guest artists to inspire and motivate students. Keven has found great satisfaction teaching art at the CEE, where she can realize two of her life's passions, working with art and children.