Jacke Mumpower

Stafford Elementary School
Stafford, Virginia

Teaching has been Jacke Mumpower's dream since she was in the second grade. She attended Shepherd College in West Virginia. After graduating with a BS in elementary education, Jacke moved back home to Virginia and became a second grade teacher in rural Caroline County. Early in her teaching career, Jacke found that staying with the same students longer than one year—a concept called "looping"—provided her time to better know her students and help them succeed. She joined numerous school committees and became a social studies lead teacher. After five years and two "looping" sessions in rural Bowling Green Primary School, Jacke moved to Stafford County where she teaches today. She is a leader in her school and participates in many committees discussing curriculum development, leadership, and school improvement.

Finding The Phillips Collection has given Jacke new educational strategies that she enthusiastically shares with her school. Having been part of influencing over 600 students, Jacke believes using art as a vehicle to support curriculum will always remain with her!