Gayle Gerber

Center for Early Education
Los Angeles, California

Gayle Gerber has been teaching first grade at the Center for Early Education (CEE) for many years. After graduating from UCLA in 1973 with a BA in art history, and then receiving a teaching credential, Gayle taught in the inner city schools in Los Angeles. After a hiatus in teaching to have children, she went to UCLA to get a degree in interior design. Always interested in art and design, she started decorating doctors' and dental offices as well as private homes. Gayle also designed needlepoint canvases for a store and has started designing a line of yoga clothes. Gayle has found that participating in the summer institute and being a Paul Klee mentor teacher has been one of the most inspirational experiences of her teaching career. Working with children, living with children, and loving children has correlated directly with Gayle's love of the art of Paul Klee.