Erin Fitzgerald

West Side Collaborative
New York, New York

Erin Fitzgerald has taught for a number of years at the middle school level in Massachusetts and New York City. She currently teaches at the West Side Collaborative (WSC). She believes in WSC's philosophy of caring about the whole child—socially, academically, and emotionally—and promoting growth in all these areas. She received her bachelor's degree from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst and earned her master's degree from Teachers College at Columbia University.

Erin has experience developing interdisciplinary curricula that include the humanities, sciences, and the arts. Currently, she teaches seventh grade English and social studies and is the literacy leader for the seventh grade team. In addition, she teaches an arts lab class that takes advantage of the city's museums. She has also participated in the teacher exchange program at the Whitney, in which classroom teachers and Whitney educators work together to learn from one another and exchange ideas about how to incorporate art into classroom instruction.