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DC Kids

DC Kids

4th Grade
Plummer Elementary School, Washington, DC
Art Teacher: Mr. Mark Montgomery
Principal: Ms. Karyn Barra

In my city, I like to attend city parades because:

I like to watch the baton players.
I like to walk around holding the signs.
I like to listen to the band music.
I like seeing the artwork they do.
I like to look at the singers.
I like to see the marchers march.
I like to see famous people.
I like to see the floats.
I like how they do their tricks.
I like to look at the girls at the parades.
I can march, and it will be fun to march with other people, children and adults.
I like to go to a parade because I like it.
I don't like parades.
I do not like parades because you have to wake up early and you will have to march.

What would you say?