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Math and Science

*Look at Peddlers Reduce Their Prices in the Evening to Get Rid of their Perishables, or Ice Peddlers.
*Answer the following questions:

* If the peddler charges 60 cents a pound for bananas and reduces the price by 50%, what is the new price per pound?

a) 54     b) 30     c) 45

* Joe has three dollars. He wants to buy some oranges, priced at 50 cents each. How many oranges can he afford?

a) five     b) four     c) six

* Jill buys two pounds of potatoes at 75 cents a pound, three pounds of onions at 65 cents a pound, and one head of lettuce at 95 cents. How much money does she owe?

a) $5.60     b) $4.40     c) $4.85

* Jill gives the vendor a $20 bill. How much change will she get?

a) $15.60     b) $16.50     c) $12.40

* Mrs. Johnson knows that her three children each eat two apples a day. How many apples should she buy for the whole week?

a) 24     b) 42     c) 37

* The ice peddler (vendor) has three large chunks of ice: one weighs ten pounds, another weighs fifteen pounds, and the third weighs nineteen pounds. How many pounds of ice does he have?

a) 44 lbs.     b) 38 lbs.     c) 52 lbs.

* Michael wants to buy .65 (65%) of the first chunk, and Tiffany wants to buy .30 (30%) of the second chunk. How much will Michael buy?

a) 3 lbs.     b) 4 lbs.     c) 6 lbs.

* How much will Tiffany buy?

a) 5 lbs.     b) 3 lbs.     c) 4 lbs.

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* Compare the climate of the Southeastern United States with that of the North. What are the differences in temperature, rainfall, snow?

* Look at Red Earth–Georgia. Why is the earth red in that state? Are there other places that also have "red earth?" Compare the soil of Georgia with that of western Pennsylvania or Ohio. Describe the differences.

Look at The Butcher Shop. Can you tell what the weather is like? How?

An * indicates questions and activities useful in preparation for Stanford 9 Tests



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