Fusion: Quatuor Eclisses

guitar quartet

January 26, 2014

Music Room

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The Embassy of France, Safran, France Musique, and The Phillips Collection collaborate for two evenings of music that celebrate the rich cultural dialogue between France and the U.S. Partnered with this performance by acclaimed guitar quartet Quatuor Eclisses, the American violinist/violist and member of The Phillips Camerata Miranda Cuckson performs at the Embassy of France on January 24.

Full program to be announced.

Experienced as recitalists, soloists and orchestral performers, four international prize-winning guitarists decided to combine their talent, forming Quatuor Eclisses in 2012. The group was forged in the corridors of the Conservatoire de Paris during their studies.

Besides their clear technical ability, Quatuor Eclisses are committed to performing diverse repertoire, from unknown and original works, to Argentinian tango, Italian Opera, Baroque, contemporary, and many more styles.

Quatuor Eclisses perform Grises y Soles by Maximo Diego Pujol.